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Yudansha Karate

Welcome to Yudansha Karate. Yudansha means "person with a dan grade" and I am so proud of my black belt that I decided to name my club after it! My name is Sensei Jazz and I am your Sensei. I trained under Ben Richardson 3rd Dan and Stella Vassiliou 3rd Dan.

I have two daughters Catherine 16yrs 1st Dan and Rachel 11yrs 3rd Kyu. I first started Karate after trying out various martial arts like Kung Fu and Kick Boxing but my passion lay in Shotakan Karate. When I first joined it was to help my daughter Catherine I used to take her to class and watch her lessons. I was so keen for her to progress yet knew nothing about how I could help her so I joined the club. I felt I took a personal journey along with Catherine: just imagine being thrown back to having someone test you 20 or so years after you went to school. It was nerve racking but so exciting and I enjoyed it so much.

I'm pleased to announce Rachel achieved her 1st Dan in December 2014!

So I would like you to come visit our club and be part of something special and together we can help each other.

Jazz McLearie achieving her 2nd Dan

with Billy Higgins 7th Dan and Andy Sherry 8th Dan
A Testimonial

"Sensei Jazz is a thoughtful, dedicated and conscientious karateka, as well as a gifted teacher. She constantly sets herself the highest standards and applies everything she learns to her own teaching. Her ability to motivate students of all ages is impressive, as is her commitment to quality, both in her classes and in her own training. Sensei Jazz's recent second dan grading was evidence of her skill, focus and achievement in this art. I warmly commend her to you."

Sensei Stella Vassiliou

3rd Dan

Catherine McLearie achieving her 1st Dan with
Rachel McLearie achieving her 1st Dan with

Frank Brennan 7th Dan and Andy Sherry 8th Dan
Frank Brennan 8th Dan and Andy Sherry 9th Dan

We are located at:

Yudansha Karate

07891 511788

Peppard Henley on Thames

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